Your 2021 Horoscope Forecast For Every Sun Sign


with Affirmations from “Your Word is Your Wand,” by Florence Shovel Shinn

Jill Jardine shares her horoscope reading for each sun sign.

Are you glad to see 2020 come to a close?  If you are, you're not alone. Look for your sun sign below to learn what 2021 has in store for you!  If you're on the cusp of more than one sign, read all that may apply to you.

CAPRICORN: (B. approx. Dec. 21-Jan.21):

Well, you can sigh a big sigh of relief and say so long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye, to Saturn as it leaves your sign . The Karmic taskmaster has been testing you for 2+ years and you either passed the initiations or failed. You will figure it in the next month by Jan 21, 2021. Jupiter also says farewell after buffering you from a tougher Saturnian punch, while amplifying Pluto’s push for you to release, transform and evolve this past year. Pluto’s pressures continue in Capricorn for several more years, so you’re not fully in the clear until you have completed the Plutonian process of simplifying your life and accessing your Soul powers. The good news is that Jupiter and Saturn are conjuncting on 12/21 in Aquarius in your 2nd house of money opening doors to money flowing into your life in 2021. You affirmation for the jupiter/Saturn conjunction is: “ I now draw from the Abundance of the Spheres for my immediate and endless supply. All channels are free, All doors are open!

AQUARIUS: (b. approx. January 21-February 19):

Put on your party hat, Aquarius and start celebrating the New Year and New You of 2021 which is ignited with the Yule Log at the Winter Solstice 2020 - when the historic transfiguration at the conjunction of Jupiter/Saturn in your sign! Let the Games begin! Excitement, new horizons, and adventures beckon you in the coming year. There will be 5 planets in your sign in February 2021, so there’s no stopping the power and process of the Aquarian Wave. Luckily you got the memo all your life! You’ve been surfing it for years and now everyone else has to learn to surf or swim or sink on those waves of higher frequencies. To the extent that you have released and continue to let go of what no longer serves you, courtesy of Pluto in Capricorn still transiting your 12 house of karma, will illuminate the levels of success, prosperity and joy you will achieve in 2021. The seeds you have planted in the past years, can reaps some benefits in the next few years. Financial gain through hard work pays off. Jupiter / Saturn in your 1st house of self -face off with your Leo house of partnership. Relationships will evolve or adapt to your new sense of being or not, and will fall away. Aquarius Affirmation: “I now release the Gold mine within me. I am linked with an endless golden wave of prosperity and my good comes to me under grace in perfect ways.

PISCES: (b. approx 2/19-3/21)

This grand conjunction occurs in your 12th house house of Karma so hopefully it doesn’t trigger any past life persecution experiences when you spoke up for your spiritual beliefs but were killed anyway. No worries, the Piscean age is over and you won’t be persecuted in this lifetime (unless your spouse is a critical Virgo or Narcissicistic Leo). It may seem as if you were really just trying to get by in 2020 and perhaps in survival mode. You weathered some losses in your circle of friends and family due to harsh Capricornian planets Self-preservation has been important. As one of the Zodiacs top empaths, you have been feeling the grief and suffering of humanity during the Pandemic and can’t see beyond to the the next phase, but you can feel something good brewing for you. You have been resolving old issues and trying to stay above the fray. This big Aquarian conjunction will urge you to get beyond your past and whole-heartedly step into your future with an awakened heart. It’s a good year for setting healthy boundaries with others and living your life in a more creative way. Pisces Affirmation: “I am harmonious, happy and radiant, detached from the tyranny of fear, and free from my past.”

Aries (approx. born March 21-April 21):

You are just so relieved that Jupiter and Saturn finally stopped squaring your Sun, that you are going to celebrate the Winter Solstice conjunction with a private Dance party that will usher in 2021. Wild and weird synchronicities will flow into your life now giving auspicious outcomes. Yep, Pluto in Capricorn continues to square your natal sun, but you know the routine- keep doing deep inner work this year. Karmic relationships may seek you out in weird ways this year.


Taurus: (born approx. April 21-May 21):

JUPITER AND SATURN IN AQUARIUS IS sending lightning bolts of energy through you! We could call it a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening! URANUS is shaking you free of self-induced shackles, or long standing limitations and bringing BIG LOVE and unprecedented changes into your life. Ask your Aquarian friends, how it feels to be living the Uranian life! You are being blasted by Uranian lightning, liberating you and instantaneously clearing lifetimes of Karma! Your life if undergoing unprecedented changes. Pluto in Capricorn continues to trine your Sun in 2021, which will help you build foundations for your future. Any improvements or beautification you want to make in yourself or surroundings this year will be supported. This is also a good year for those Taureans thinking about children, childbirth or conception. Fertility with any creative project is high, and you will reap as you sow, in more ways than one. Karmic cycles are ending, and new ways of operating in the world are being presented to you. You are able to access hidden or latent talents, and express them in your life this year. If you tune into your deeper self, you might be able to make certain adjustments in your life and health that improve your lifestyle.. Open your eyes to new opportunities and possibilities in early 2021, and get out of your comfort zone to take action!


Gemini: (born approx. May 21- June 21):

LET THE SUNSHINE IN ! - GEMINI’s GET A NEW LEASE on Life- They are lit up like a Christmas tree at the Winter Solstice when Saturn and Jupiter connect in their fellow air sign Aquarius. The voltage is turned way up - to 11! Not 10 - but 11-throwing favorable aspects to Gemini. Gemini has so many choices now, clarity is key and take some time in early January to tune into your desired life trajectory and outcomes. Things are going to get wild when 5 planets in Aquarius light up the Gemini lifestream. Yes, you weathered some eclipses in your sign in June 2020, November 30th and then opposing your sun on December 14th - but hopefully you got the eclipse memo and released the deadwood and delusion in your life . The eclipses may have stopped you in your tracks, and force life review and re-evaluation. asking that you slow down, and "smell the roses". Certainly you will need to get grounded and stay focused. Relationships may demand more of you this year, and you may even experience difficulties in your connections with others. You inner guidance and intuition is strong, if you remember to listen to it. Tap into your body's wisdom and you will receive answers. Your mind moves on to the next phase of your life, without missing a beat.GEMINI AFFIRMATION: “ALL DOORS OPEN WITH HAPPY SURPRISES and the DIVINE PLAN FOR MY LIFE IS SPEEDED UP UNDER GRACE”

Cancer: (born approx. June 21 - July 21): 

Let’s be honest Cancer, you’ve been through a shitshow these past 2.5 years thanks to Saturn, Pluto and in 2020 Jupiter ganging up on you giving you a Capricornian kick in the butt.

Congratulations for weathering the cosmic storms, and now you get to graduate when Jupiter/Saturn finally leave Capricorn and go into Aquarius! Being a water-loving Cancerian you have been surfing those tumultuous cosmic waves and riding erratic tides for several years.. It’s payout time now, as Aquarius rules your 8th house of other people’s money (but also death). You may reap financial gains in unexpected ways thanks to Saturn and jupiter in Aquarius. but it may come through inheritance and life insurance policies. You are finally able to explore your own psyche and find the gems hidden there. Perhaps others are treating you better now that Saturn left your 7th house of relationship. You are feeling less traumatized by the actions of others, and it’s safe to go back in the water, because the sharks have swam off to bother Leos. You can use your sensitivity to your advantage, and receive boons and blessings.

CANCER AFFIRMATION: My ships come in over calm seas, under grace in perfect ways”

Leo: (born approx. July 21-August 21):

JUPITER AND SATURN IN AQUARIUS are now opposing your SUN. GULP. Your theme song in 2021 will be: “YOU CAN”T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT, BUT YOU’ll find sometimes, you get what you need! You could be discovering the Jean Paul Sartre quote: “Hell is other people.”is actually true. Yep, others may be acting too erratic and it may feel like all your obstacles are due to your relationships. Get over it and start making changes in your life so you can be less codependent on others. You may have to become more self-reliant around finances. LEO, ruled by the sun and the heart, get back in touch with your heart’s true desires, so that the Aquarian electromagnetic frequencies can bring you into alignment with your good.

Pluto in Capricorn is still transiting your 6th house of health, requires additional focus on nutritional and regimes that support your vitality and well-being. you need to be vigilant in maintaining your physical well-being as Pluto transits your house of health. This will require vigilance in healing, addressing any health issues which arise, and looking for the emotional root of illness.


Virgo (born approx. August 21 - September 21):

Jupiter/Saturn conjunction occur in your house of health -so this is an upcoming year of being vigilant with health issues and staying on top of symptoms as they arise. This is a good time to focus on health and well-being, and taking care of their physical body. You can't get away with pushing your body too hard this year. be very careful not to burn out and be vigilant with their health and energy reserves. Neptune in Pisces opposing your sun can make you feel wiped out or drained. Neptune transits your 7 th house of the other. Relationships that feel draining and unrewarding may dissipate your energy, so you will have to make some big decisions with releasing certain people from your life.. Aquarius energy can be erratic and unpredictable and Virgo doesn’t like it when things are not under control. You have to learn to be flexible now, and change plans without much advance notice. You will achieve goals this year, but there may be some detours along the way.

VIRGO AFFIRMATION: I AM POISED AND POWERFUL, my greatest expectations are realized in miraculous ways.

Libra: (born approx. September 21 - October 21):

Libra is a Cardinal sign which has been reeling from Capricornian Cardinal square aspects these past few years, and 2020 threw you a whammy! Now that Jupiter & Saturn move to a friend’s sign, it’s time for the Libra Light to shine bright! Jupiter & Saturn harmonize with your sun, from the house of wisdom & perspective, and travel. Your higher mind is lit up helping you clear up your life, for a happier reality. Travel and new adventures beckon on the horizon. You are thirsty for knowledge and to pursue new quests in your life. Jupiter and Saturn solidify your contacts to your higher self, and you can see clearly now the fog has cleared. New relationships will be ignited and old relationships are healed, with better communication and deeper connections. Love flows back into your life. Pluto transiting your house of the unconscious may have destroyed certain aspects of your life during 2009-2020. Neptune is transiting your house of health, so watch out for ups and downs in your physical body's energy. Some days you will be very energized and go full steam ahead, and other days you may feel exhausted. Make sure you implement health regimes that support and maintain energy levels.

LIBRA AFFIRMATION: DIVINE LOVE through me now dissolves all seeming obstacles and makes clear , easy and successful my way!

Scorpio (born approx. October 21-November 21):

Jupiter and Saturn square your sun so prepare for another level of life lessons. Scorpio can’t escape the Uranian energies of change and transformation with Jupiter and Saturn squaring your sun and Uranus opposing it. Release what no longer serves. Be flexible, vigilant and you will be transformed .

Jupiter in your house of home brings some luck with property, and if you want to move or buy a home, summer of 2021 is a good time. If Scorpios do their inner work and spiritual practices while Jupiter/Saturn transit Aquarius, they will be rewarded and their life will improve dramatically. Jupiter and Saturn can bring breakthroughs and surprises for Scorpio, opening up new ways of creating resources and giving insights to your future. Pluto, the ruler of your sign, helps you in 2021, teaching you how to create new structures in your life which will support you in the future. Neptune in Pisces, brings your addictive or self-destructive tendencies to the surface. You continue to purge your shadow self. Neptune in Pisces in harmonious aspect to your sun fares well for love, romance, pursuit of pleasure, and spiritual practices.

SCORPIO AFFIRMATION: I LET GO OF EVERYTHING NOT divinely designed for me, and the perfect plan of my life now comes to pass.

Sagittarius: (born approx. Nov. 21-December 21)

LEADING up to the Grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Sagittarius weathered a series of Eclipses in their sign during 2020 - June 5, Lunar eclipse, November 30th Lunar eclipse and December 24th Solar eclipse. Sag, tag your it. This means it's your turn to weather Eclipse fall out for the next 6 months, which could bring loss, health concerns, karmic fallout and circumstances out of your control. Good news is that Jupiter/Saturn transit a friends’ sign in Aquarius opens doors to fulfilling adventures ,quests, and connections. Turn your attention to teachings and travel, and Jupiter will reward you. After June 2020 Time to have some Sagittarian adventures by visiting horizons both far and near, traveling to new dimensions in body or mind. Be open to receive new inspiring influences that will boost your creative juices. Pluto in your money house, keeps breaking down and rebuilding your financial life. Be patient with this process, as it ultimately leads to better financial health in the long run.


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