July 21

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A series of workshops focusing on the Archetypes of Astrology - the planets, signs and houses.

An excellent tool for self knowledge. Use Astrology to develop your own intuitive potential.

~We will interpret the glyphs, signs and symbols of Astrology. Combining practical information on astrology with right-brain intuitive practices to open our cosmic consciousness, this course will ground the basics of astrology.

~This course is appropriate for the beginner to the budding professional astrologer.

Cosmic Scene Archives

TAURUS (born approx. April 21-May 21):Oh, Taurus, you are one of the Zodiac's hardest workers (along with fellow earth signs, Virgos and Capricorns), but it's time to take a break. Read more...

Horoscope Reading For Taurus

Aquarius May 2021Born January 21 - February 19Aquarius feels pressurized in early May, as if you are running to the finish line, and have so many ducks to get in Read more...

Aquarius May 2021

Virgo May 2021Born August 21 - September 21Virgo receives nice benefits from the Taurus planetary party. Uranus even offers some breakthroughs that can appear instantaneously. Early May will feel like Read more...

Virgo May 2021

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