Astrology Reading & Counseling 60 Minutes 

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60 minute astrology reading and counseling session

*You will receive an audio recording and transcript of this reading session.

This reading is very therapeutic and healing. It will give you enhanced self- knowledge and hope, and boost your vibration to a higher level of awareness and well-being.

Jill can answer your questions about relationships, potential and current partners, children, family members and look at other’s charts as well as your own during this session.

This is a comprehensive session which includes everything in the 30 minute reading above, but more time allows for an in-depth analysis of your chart and transits. All of your questions can be answered, time allowing. This session may include spiritual counseling and therapeutic interventions. Jill has been a psychic for years and has a high level of accuracy in predicting outcomes for her clients. This reading includes psychic predictions as well. An astrology reading focuses on your natal chart and transiting aspects, to give you insight into life cycles and potential. Jill will give you information on both your Western Astrological chart and Vedic Astrology cycles. During a session clients may also receive energetic attunements and healing transmissions, detailed intuitive information, and activated presence of spiritual protectors and guides. A phone or Zoom reading will provide the same information with healing transmissions sent to client through the Quantum Field.

Jill will suggest remedies to help bring in positive outcomes, including Sanskrit Mantras and gem remedies.


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