July 21

Welcome To My New Website!

Welcome to the new Jill Jardine Astrology website!

I am so excited to share what’s been happening this year.

Since the Covid pandemic started, my guides told me to go within and take this time to express my creativity. My new website is only part of what I’ve been doing. Since March, I launched a podcast, “Cosmic Scene with Jill Jardine”. The podcast features fabulous guests, cosmic updates and psychic hits. Check it out, you’ll be entertained and informed! You can subscribe right here.

But, that’s not all! I also launched my live radio show on radio station WATD-FM. It can be heard locally and streamed. Call in to the live show on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. EST, and you might get a mini psychic and astrological reading just for you!

Let me know what you think of the new Jill Jardine Astrology website below. I’d love to get your feedback and any suggestions for content.

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Cosmic Scene Archives

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Horoscope Reading For Taurus

A series of workshops focusing on the Archetypes of Astrology - the planets, signs and houses. An excellent tool for self knowledge. Use Astrology to develop your own intuitive potential. Read more...

Title of my Post

CAPRICORN CLUSTER CONTRIVES CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC: WHEN DOES IT END ASTROLOGICALLY?   I've been writing and warning of the "Capricornian Cluster" for months now. As astrologers, we were biting our fingernails Read more...

April 2020 Astrology Update

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