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Jill’s In The News!

Keep up with your favorite astrologer, Jill Jardine

Holistic Campus Community

Watch Jill’s interview.  Click here to see the full show.


Healing Mantra With Goddess 

Watch Jill deliver a powerful healing mantra with goddess Shivani ma.  Click here to watch Rama Healing Mantra.


Love Mantra

Want more love in your life?  If you are struggling to attract the ideal mate, or want to improve your relationship with an existing partner, watch Jill deliver a mantra created to help heal and improve relationships.  Click here for the full video.


Mercury Retrograde

You’ve heard it, but what does it mean?  Watch Jill explain what Mercury going into retrograde means for you. Click here to see the full video.


From Limited to Limitless Summit

We all have them.  The limited beliefs that hold us back.  That itty bitty committee that lives in our head, telling us stories that no longer serve.  Want to erase the tape and rewrite your story?  Listen in as Jill shares her wisdom.  Click here to watch the full video.



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