Jill's Healing Process Will Transform Your Life

Jill's distinctive healing approach is a unique blend of Western astrology, intuitive messages and the wisdom of ancient goddesses. Jill gives you practical methods to create a fast path toward inner wisdom and peace.  Jill combines her background of over 30 years in therapy with astrology to help you develop  a deep level of self-awareness. Understanding your unique astrological signature is a powerful tool for self-help and transformation.

why work with jill?

Healing Services That Transform

Astrology Readings are based on your date, time and place of birth. If you don’t know your time of birth, no worries! Jill can still do your reading and rectify a birth chart for you!

Jill Jardine's process of combining healing therapies is unique. You experience six important healing techniques in one session.  Jill has been a psychic and professional astrologer for more than 3 decades.  You will receive a high level of accuracy in predicting outcomes for you.  Want to learn more?

Astrology/Psychic Reading/Counseling 

30 or 60 Minutes 

Do you have questions about your relationship with family, children or romantic partner? Astrology readings can give you enhanced self-knowledge and hope.  An astrology reading focuses on your natal (birth) chart and transiting aspects of planets to give you insight into life cycles and potential outcomes. You will find the reading therapeutic and healing. The insights experienced through the reading boost your vibration to a higher level of awareness and well-being.

Past Life Regression 

40 Minutes 

Have you ever wondered why you are fascinated by certain historical times or personages? You might wonder why certain skills or talents come very easily to us, even when we were young. Past Life regression therapy can reveal the karmic connection you have with others. Why did you marry that person? What is the unresolved karma from a past life?   Past Life Regression Therapy helps you connect to your inner voice and develop a deep understanding of who you are and why you are attracted to certain people, and what karmic lessons you need to work through.  The process is very gentle.  Jill is a certified Past Life regression therapist and has helped clients for over 25 years.


30 or 60 Minutes 

  • Connect to your Inner Guide: Do you wish you were more intuitive? Do you want answers from enhanced inner psychic guidance and connect to the wisdom within? This session may help enhance your extra sensory gifts of clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear healing), claircognition (clear knowing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).
  • Prosperity/Abundance/Wealth Programming: Manifest more prosperity in your life with this sessionwork that will clear subconscious blocks, and seed powerful suggestions and affirmations to create more wealth and success in your life.
  • Positive Programming for Love and Relationships: Hypnotherapy protocol to bring in love and improve relationships through subconscious with powerful suggestions and affirmations.
  • Inner Mate Alchemical Hypnotherapy: This will help you connect to your inner mate to resolve issues or questions regarding relationships. It cultivates a strong relationship within ourselves.

Instant Karma Topic Reading Module 

30 Minutes 

This reading is very therapeutic and healing. It will give you enhanced self- knowledge and hope, and boost your vibration to a higher level of awareness and well-being.

Jill can answer your questions about relationships, potential and current partners, children, family members and look at other’s charts as well as your own during this session.

Sanskrit Mantra Healing

30 Minutes

Sanskrit Mantra is a powerful form of sound healing which came from the ancient Vedic teachings.  Sometimes called, “the yoga of sound,” Sanskrit mantras are words of power and words for power that can shift outcomes and calm the mind.  Jill is a certified Sanskrit Mantra instructor through Sanatana Dharma Satsang, the lineage of Thomas Ashley-Ferrand (Namadeva Archarya) and Reverend of Sanskrit Mantra.  Jill's decades of studying with the sacred lineage gives her the spiritual dispensation to give mantra therapy and healing.  This is an invaluable tool that has helped thousands of Jill’s clients.

about JILL

How Jill Can Help You

“You can’t find this form of guidance anywhere else. The internet can give you astrology information, but it is true wisdom in interpreting your personal astrological keys that will help you manifest your highest potential.”

Jill Jardine

There are times in our lives when we are stuck. When we know that there are decisions to be made, but we are unable to take action out of fear that the routine is safer than the unknown. Often we are in pain and suffering, and sometimes, we are simply hesitant to take a new step. We need a guide to help us mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually unblock and embrace the reality that we can create for ourselves. And no matter how close a friend or relative may be, they are not objective, and their vision is limited by their personal and earthbound experiences.

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