Frequently Asked Questions

It's only in the past few years that spiritual healing has become mainstream.  As a result, prospective clients usually have a lot of questions before scheduling their reading with me.  Here are the answers to the questions I'm asked often.  Of course, if you have a question, please feel free to contact me.

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What can I expect from my astrology reading?

Every client is unique.  Your time with Jill is distinct.  The best way to prepare is to have a clear knowing of what you want to accomplish.  Bring a birth certificate with your exact place, date and time of birth if possible.  Jill will tap into the astrological forces and spiritual influences that impact your reality and counsel you on possible outcomes and ways to focus on your objectives.

Will my issues be resolved in one session?

Everyone's experience is different.  There is always a way to make progress and attain goals.  Jill's guidance and intuition will empower you to do the work necessary.  

Can Jill see my future?

Just like the visible world, the elastic realm of time and space is always changing, expanding and contracting based on surpreme energy.  Jill can tell you in general terms what will direct your life toward the future you desire.

What are Jill's healing skills?

Jill’s intuitive gifts allow her to determine where and usually how an imbalance has occurred in your body or mind that it causing painful or uncomfortable symptoms. She has had astounding success diagnosing conditions that until that time had been elusive to Western medicine and providing or suggesting ways to alleviate or cure physical and mental pain and suffering.

Can Jill exorcise spirits?

Yes, Jill has extensive experience identifying entities that are manifesting in locations where they are not welcome. The process involves communicating with the spiritual force(s), determining their reason for manifestation and convincing them to move to another realm for everyone’s benefit.

Will Jill give me bad news?

Jill's process is gentle and designed to help you heal from past wounds and move forward in a positive light.  Jill will only deliver bad news if you insist and it is in your highest and best interest.  Please talk to her about your concerns before your session.

Still have questions?  Please send me your question here.

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