October 4

Chapter 1: Let’s Get Started

Cosmic Scene Archives

SCORPIO (born approx. October 21-November 21):The Cancer moon eclipses of late June and July 2020 contributed to an emotional roller coaster for Scorpio, and you rode the ups and downs. Read more...

Astrology Reading Scorpio

SAGITTARIUS (born approx. November 21-December 21):Your fire gets ignited again thanks to nice aspects from fellow fire signs, with Sun and Mercury in Leo, and Mars in Aries, stoking up Read more...

Sagittarius Horoscope Reading

LIBRA (born approx. September 21-October 21):Mars in Aries opposes your natal sun, so don't get pulled into other's arguments or issues. Everyone wants you to hear their side of the Read more...

Astrology Update Libra

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