October 16

April 2020 Astrology Update


 I’ve been writing and warning of the “Capricornian Cluster” for months now. As astrologers, we were biting our fingernails to see what would happen during February and March 2020 when planets Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto congregated in the later degrees at Capricorn. During this same time period we saw more danger, as the Lunar Nodal return would ignite the same degrees that occurred during  9/11, September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center bombings.  I kept telling anyone who would listen, that we were going to have “an astrological bomb go off and it would be airborne.” Well, the astrological perfect storm hit, wreaking havoc, bringing in dual chaos of the Coronavirus pandemic and drastic drops in the stock market. 

So now we find ourselves enmeshed in Pandemic pandemonium, a slippery stock market, and an eclipsed economy, what do the astrological indicators tell us about April 2020 and beyond? Jupiter and Pluto are still exactly conjunct at 24 degrees Capricorn, for the first part of April. Pluto, is the planet of transformation, death and rebirth, and Jupiter expands whatever it touches.  The apex of the Coronavirus pandemic will explode in the United States during early April until the Taurus New Moon of April 22nd.  Jupiter is expanding the outbreak and fall-out from Covid-19, while Pluto, takes us to the darkest depths of this transformative experience. 

However there is still good news on the horizon, as Saturn and Mars shifted into Aquarius in late March 2020. Saturn stays in Aquarius until July 2020, and Mars transits through the sign of the visionary and change-maker until May 14th. These guys have broken ranks from the Capricornian cluster, and are trying to move forward and get necessary things accomplished,  despite blockages and withholding from traditional power brokers.  We shall see more humanitarian efforts, and a “we’re all in this together attitude,” as Mars and Saturn transit through Aquarius.

Sometimes with astrology we see the archetypal energies of the planets playing out in current events.  A great example of this Mars/Saturn conjunction energy occurred in early April, when Governor Charlie Baker, needed desperate supplies of face masks for health workers, doctors, and nurses in the great state of Massachusetts. The federal government was no help, as they seemed to be withholding supplies to certain states. Charlie Baker made arrangements with his friend, Jonathan Kraft, son of New England Patriots owner, Robert Kraft, to procure the Patriots team plane and fly it to China to pick up the much needed face masks. Operation Patriots Plane to China was a success! That’s an example of Mars and Saturn in Aquarius cooperation. Mars rules athletic teams and Saturn in Aquarius goes outside of regular protocols and power structures to “get the job done!” Love this archetypal event!

 April full moon occurs on 4/7/20 at 10:35 pm EDT, with the moon in Libra and Sun in Aries. Full Moons are the peak of a lunar cycle, and things tend to “pop” and come to a head. This full moon may be quite precarious as it occurs during a tough aspect from Uranus in Taurus squaring Mars and Saturn in Aquarius. Mars is the dispositor to the Aries sun, so this may raise tensions. This full moon time could become chaotic, with certain groups “putting out fires.” Mars can be erratic, impulsive and make rash decisions. Also, we may see the National Guard, or Military get actively involved to help with the Coronavirus pandemic around April 7th.  Mars rules the military and emergencies. National Guard may be called in to help E.M.T’s and other medical personnel, especially in setting up facilities and transportation. 

New Moon in Taurus arrives on April 22nd, Earth Day! Taurus is a sign of stability and groundedness.  During the Taurean equinox from 4/19-5/20/20, things will begin to calm down. Uranus, the planet of change, conjuncts the Sun and Moon in Taurus at the New Moon which may result in conflicting agendas, and misdirectives.  Sun and Moon in Taurus wants peace, security and consistency, while Uranus wants changes and can be radical.  At this time all eyes are on the economy and the focus will be on boosting financial markets.  There will be much talk and action about stabilizing the economy, fixing financial mess and getting people back to work.

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