About Jill Jardine, Astrologer & Therapist

Hi, I'm Jill Jardine, therapist, professional astrologer and spiritual advisor.  For over 30 years, I've helped thousands of people find the power and confidence within themselves to make decisions to move forward with ease and joy.

If you feel stuck and unfulfilled it could be caused by your subconscious limiting beliefs or past-life agreements. Learn how easy it is to release them by tapping into your higher realms of soul and spirit.  Allow me to be your guide toward your best life.



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What you can expect

As an astrologer and psychic intuitive, Jill Jardine sees how the universe and spiritual influences impact your growth and success.  By reading your astrology chart, Jill uses her unique array of talents and psychic gifts to explore your natal chart and identify the factors that block your desired goals. She’ll help you acknowledge and release negative energy while focusing on the dynamic forces that will bring you to your best life.

Click below to schedule a reading with Jill.  If you don't find what you need, please email your request directly at Jill@jilljardineastrology.com.  She will do her best to accommodate your request for Monday through Friday dates.

Jill Jardine, Therapist, Astrologer

Jill Jardine Astrologer, Therapist, Sanskrit Mantra Expert


Here is a sample of Jill's popular services

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy

Past life regression therapy helps you grow by exploring your current life challenges, relationships, and patterns of behavior. You will learn to heal unresolved traumas, release emotional blockages, and receive clarity for your purpose and spiritual journey.  Imagine finally having the answers to your most profound life questions.

Astrology Reading

Your astrology chart reading can reveal your unique traits, life purpose, and potential challenges. Like a compass, your chart reading empowers you with insights and wisdom so you can navigate life's journey with clarity. Through this transformative experience, you embark on a path of self-discovery and personal growth.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy transforms lives by unlocking the subconscious mind's power. It heals deep wounds, releases trauma, and cultivates personal growth. By harnessing self-awareness and resilience, it empowers individuals to reach their full potential, creating lasting transformation and their best life possible.

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kudos from clients

Check what clients say about Jill Jardine Astrologer & Therapist

"I have known Jill for many years. In those years, I have had numerous natal chart readings with Jill. I've learned quite a lot from her. She is an inspiration to all.”

Yolanda Dimuzio


“I have been using astrologer Jill Jardine for both personal and professional advice since 2001. Her astrology readings are always loving. In fact, they always reveal themselves to be true in time.”

Chef Sylvia

personal chef

 “Jill Jardine gave me hope and direction at a time when I was full of despair. Her intuition is astounding, and her innate gift in being able to recount details from my past or make predictions about my future became a lifeline for me.  Jill consistently tuned in to elements of my life that were positive and onto which I could latch my spirit and energy.”


Communications and Public Relations

 "My natal chart reading with Jill Jardine was excellent. I have had many readings but enjoyed working with Jill more since she has quite an extensive background and does much more than just astrological readings. I left her feeling elated and free of my mental burdens. Thank you, Jill, for helping me in more ways than you know. I am recommending astrologer Jill Jardine to all of my friends and family."

Kerry Brett


"Jill Jardine is an incredibly talented astrologer and psychic, with a vast knowledge in both Western and Vedic astrology.  She brings to her work a high education, life experience and a variety of tools, so you actually get much more than a simple astrological interpretation or psychic reading. Her insights are so accurate, she can describe people and situations in your life with such precise detail, you will be amazed!"


arlington, ma

 “Astrologer Jill Jardine has been my astrological guide as I navigate the “Granite Grid” of consciousness that is the South Shore of Boston since 2013. She is a tireless professional. We are so blessed to have her as a local resource. I trust her implicitly.”

Eddie F.


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